Here are a couple of new hymns from a set I’ve called, Prayer:


Life is like a blade of grass,
Floating down the stream.

(This is sung as a 4 part round.)

Carry Me

In this situation,
I am too weak 
Not to collude 
With evil mixed with good.

Amida, carry me away,
Amida, carry me away,
Amida, carry me away from here,
Amida, carry me away.

Nothing is certain,
Only Amida hears each thought
Which comes and goes.

Turning the wheel of karma
In horror and confusion,
I call out to Amida.

I am no match for fame and gain,
Whose clouds obscure the sun-
Amida, rescue me.

I am no match for shock and awe,
For anger or for greed-
Amida, rescue me.

Namo Amida Bu

Obsessive Hymn Writing

One year I wrote 676 hymns. That was my record. Last weekend I wrote 61 hymns, 34 in one day. That’s my one-day record. I’m not sure it’s obsessive but I love doing it and it can get obsessive if I’m not careful. I’m not sure this is my best hymn of the weekend but it describes the deepest experience I had. I was on retreat at the Amida Mandala Temple in Malvern, sitting by the Amitabha Buddha cave shrine in the garden.

I sit with your presence at the cave shrine,                                                                                     Namo Amida Bu,                                                                                                                                   Compassionately, Silently, teaching me your lessons,                                                                     Namo Amida Bu,                                                                                                                                     I try to humbly prostrate, to thank you for your Limitless Compassion,                                   Namo Amida Bu,                                                                                                                                     Why fight and ruminate                                                                                                                     When I can entrust myself to you.