Malvern Temple Community Choir Practice, Saturday July 28th 2018

Malvern Temple Community Choir practising a new 2 part round with words by Ryokan, music, based on Rag Bhairevi, by Andrew Cheffings.

We recorded this on July 28th, 2018 at the temple. It is a four part round. The idea is to infuse uncertainty with the Nembutsu. Namo Amida Bu! Amida’s Unbounded Light infusing uncertainty.

Malvern Temple Community Choir at Holland House, 2018

Ian and Kaspa were also in this performance. Ian took the picture and Kaspa was cropped out by tunes to tube. The sun and wind also took part in this performance and their effects can be heard. Here we sing Faith, Ippen, Dartington Nembutsu and This is a Thought from our repertoire (Amida Budha, Andrew Cheffings, Ippen, Edith O’Hanrahan).

Practice Tracks

I am using this space to collect practice tracks.

This one is for Pureland Nembutsu.

Breath Nembutsu- this song explores using breath to direct the Nembutsu and include all either vocally or silently.

Ryokan- this hymn has words by the poet, Ryokan. The picture is of a tiny Pureland garden in Leicester.

This one is for Breath Is The Call And Response.

This one is for Pass The Mountains.


Find word sheets and notation sheets here:

But! Until my ICT skills have reached the level of my typing skills, here are the word sheets for the last two practice tracks!

Breath-Nembutsu                                                           (this one is a round)

Breath is the call and response;

Calling and listening are the Nembutsu-

Amida has made it so,

That every being, in breathing,

Can call and listen to His Holy Word-


Namo Amida Bu.


And when we have listened,

We can entrust to Him

And be carried by Him-


Namo Amida Bu.


Ryokan                                                                                 (this one is by Ryokan)

Pass the mountain where white clouds linger,

I will share with you a song about young bracken.

This is the Pureland Sangeet Choir practicing a new, 3 part arrangement of a Nembutsu from the Amida Shu liturgy on 22.10.17 at Amida Mandala temple.


Music is faith, music is faith, music is faith, music is faith.

Namo Amida, Namo Amida, Namo Amida Bu.

Music is gratitude, music is gratitude, music is gratitude.

Music is mindfulness, music is mindfulness, music is mindfulness, Namo Amida Bu!

Music is community, music is community, music is community.


Among all living things, mountains and rivers, grasses and trees,

even the sounds of blowing winds and rising waves –

there is nothing that is not the nembutsu.


Pass the mountain where white clouds linger,

I will share with you a song about young bracken.

This Is

This is a thought and it’s passing through, This is a feeling and it’s passing through –

Ocean currents, Ocean currents, Ocean currents, Ocean currents.

Namo Amida Bu! Namo Amida Bu!

Dartington Nembutsu

Namo Amida Bu, Namo Amida Bu.

Ocean Affirmation Hymn

My mind flows freely Through the great ocean of consciousness.

I need not fear with Amida by my side.

My mind flows freely Through the great ocean of consciousness.

I need not fear with Amida as my guide.

Pureland Sangeet Choir At Worcestershire Interfaith Picnic, 2017

Here we are at Holland House in Cropthorne, near Pershore, Worcestershire, performing a Nembutsu chant using the breath to direct the structure. In the first section, we all sing at the same time, the bells symbolising the in-breath. In the second section we use our own, individual in breaths to time our singing of the Nembutsu; again, the bells mark the in breath. In the third section, we each choose one person to work with and come together with. A golden chain of Nembutsu practitioners is formed and we come back together in unison. This was one of a set of 4 pieces we performed at this year’s Worcestershire Diocese Interfaith Vegan Picnic. The sun shone, the Avon flowed, mysteriously and deeply, by, Bredon Hill stood in the distance like a great wave in the landscape. We shared the afternoon’s music making with a Jewish band and a Bahai ensemble among the many faiths gathered there.

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Amida Mandala Home Group

I am starting a Pureland Buddhist home group in Leicester on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30 with chanting, meditation, music, readings, cake and tea. I recently started on the path to Pureland Buddhist ministry. I hope to start another Pureland Choir in Leicester if people who join the group and friends are interested. Please email me at if you are interested in joining the home group or choir.